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  • To use our extensive IT experience to deliver tangible business results enabling our clients in industry and government to profit from the advanced use of technology. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
    Our Main concerns are :
  • SELF-HELP SKILLS From making their own snack to tidying up their surroundings (and everything in between) people with special needs are encouraged to become as independent as possible.
  • CREATIVE ARTS Different forms of creative programs promote self-concept, confidence, creativity and independent thinking. Currently we offer about 3 mobile applications to serve this purpose
  • EDUCATIONAL FIELD APPS For Example Autism patients can gain valuable knowledge about a variety of topics as well as lessons in social interaction skills through real life experiences through our Autism App.


Follow Me

Mubser Facebook

ATM 4 Deaf

Follow Me Follow me is an intelligent application helps to train autism patients on tradition skill. Where the doctor logs movements that wish to be implemented by the autism patient .  The doctor can divide these movements into different levels (simple - medium - complex)

Mubser Facebook Mobser is a mobile app to help blind to use Facebook , search for Pages he likes to follow and listen to posts . It can collect Arabic Facebook pages , categorize them into Political , Sporty , Social and subcategories. The system reads these categories and subcategories for the blind. The blind interact with posts throw saying "like" , "share" With this interacts the system understand the blind interact through machine learning. According to the blind profile the system selects and provides the recommended posts to the blind and read it .

ATM 4 Deaf ATM 4 Deaf is a mobile application that helps deaf to deal with ATM through capturing screen . It recognize machine commands and guides him to complete his transaction.

Tamkeen4ST products are the result of several years efforts from a great team of Egyptian professors and researchers in collaboration with distinct Egyptian companies. This work resulted in establishing Tamkeen4ST Company to be specialized in providing products and services for Arabic disabled people. We are proud of our first and leader product in its field. We also promise to continue our researches to serve Arabic community.

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